Darkon was approached by Probuild to tender on a bespoke chandelier, the ‘Inclination’ light, for suspension in the lobby of 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne. The concept, cleverly conceived by Electrolight, presents a series of dynamic ribbon compositions connecting organic movement through form, gravity and repetition. This concept was brought to a successful manufacturing reality by the team at Darkon.

This elegant and timeless piece of 1,263 vertical champagne anodised pendants undulates throughout the lobby voids creating a visual play of reflection, form and illumination throughout the day and night. Their immersive scale juxtaposed with an unexpected buoyancy fill the generous volumes of the lobby space, creating an aesthetic focus to the gathering spaces below without taking away from the transparency and natural light this space has to offer.

The greatest challenge in the design process was incorporating the frame’s suspension points into the existing skylight trusses for the three feature volumes. A 3D Scan of the area presented precise mounting points for custom fabricated hardware. In addition, the integration of custom wiring looms, and pre-set suspension heights made installing the undulating pendants a streamlined process for the contractor.

Architect: 3XN Architects with NH Architecture
Lighting Design: Electrolight
Builder: Probuild

Melbourne, VIC
Architect / Designer
3XN Architects / NH Architecture / Electrolight